Monday, April 1, 2013

March 25-31

Today's weight: 177.0 pounds.

Monday: Weights (upper body) for 45 minutes
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Cross-trained (stairs, elliptical) for 45 minutes
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Walked 3.5 miles
Sunday: Off

Last week was very, very busy. Besides work, I: read two books for class, wrote a paper, went to class, saw one of my favorite musicians play a show, went to a library book sale, made a very elaborate cake from scratch for my dad, spent the day in Chicago for my Dad's birthday, and spent the day with my family for Easter. I don't feel so bad that I didn't work out much. I needed the rest. It was good to spend time with loved ones. I am very, very lucky to have them. I am humbled by their love.

My leg was feeling so good today that I went for a (very short, very slow) run outside. It was my first run outside this year that wasn't in the rain and fog. It felt excellent. It also made me realize my leg was not healed. So, back to taking it easy for the week. This was a good start, though. And this week won't be nearly as busy as last week, which means more sleep, and more workouts.

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