About This Project

Two years ago, I started this blog as my own take on Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project. I thought the blog would make me be more explicit with the ways I wanted to improve my life, and it did. I'm much happier now than I was then, and that blog seems like it served its purpose.

Now, I want to focus specifically on my health. I originally conceptualized this as a food and fitness blog, but I realize that my health also has emotional and mental aspects. This blog now has three main parts:
  • Move/make: A log of my weekly workouts, training goals, and reflections on food/cooking
  • Look/hear: The music, books and visuals that are keeping me happy and sane
  • Think/act: Things I've been mulling over, especially as I work to become a better teacher and feminist
Two years ago, I took my first Women's Studies course. Almost a year ago, I started running. Both things changed my life. My hopes are that this blog will help me to continue to change, to become stronger and healthier in many ways. I want to always remember the link between physical and mental health. I also want to reconnect with some of the things that have been so important to me throughout my life -- especially music, which I let fall to the wayside for the last couple of years.

This blog is really not much more than a scrapbook for myself -- to keep track of the things I do, think about, and listen to. It's not intended for anyone else.

I hope that this project will help me be a more conscientious and mindful friend, daughter, teacher and feminist.